11:02AM CST

Whoa, long time, no write. This last semester sucked it out of me. Big time. I'm in the middle of teaching the first summer session, too, with similar feels.

The upside is that I can start talking about a few of the projects I worked on during the last year.

I finished up my Electric Objects commission. It's here. I had a lot of fun working on these. The people at EO are wonderful.

During the past year I worked on three music videos.

The first, "Phantasmagoria" by the Icky Blossoms, is a VR music video. I worked with the wonderful Eli Piilonen and David Carney of 2D Array. I did the art direction, and they made it all work out.

The second, "AS CHINGY", by Amnesia Scanner, is another pseudo-VR music video. I worked a bit on early production and concepts with Sam Rofles, but I had to leave the project due to time and budget constraints.

The third music video was "ghosting" by Chris Hunt. A much smaller project than the other two, I did this one all by myself and aside from a bit of direction from Chris at the beginning, I had complete creative freedom. It was a lot of fun to work on. I got to explore a few ideas and directions I had been thinking about.

It was definitely an experience working on all of these projects with so many different people.