09:22 PM CST

Summer has come and gone. 9 days until the semester starts. I'm still no better at making this a habit, but whatever. I should just start posting one new thing a day.

Well here's my new thing for today. It's a large gif so it may take a moment to load.

Every now and then I come across another artist's body of work that completely throws me for a loop. Usually it's because the work is work I wish I had done, or that I can easily see myself making. This is simultaneously awesome and terrible. It will knock me off my current trajectory and send me careening into unknown space. I've learned over the yeras that while initially horrific and debilitating, I just have to give it time. It'll sort itself out and new, exciting work will come of it.

Most of the time.

Anyway, Sam Rofles' work is one such. It's been fucking with my head for a the past few months. I utterly love it and it's pushed me into new places.

An image should be here